About Wanderlust

Markus Baeuchle

Markus (*1959) is a journalist and author with a love of the outdoors.  He is also a passionate runner and a coach for Nordic Walking.  Experience ancient monuments, historic roads and footpaths, mountain tops and lost demesnes with Markus in the most beautiful and interesting areas of West Cork.





Eliane Zimmermann

Eliane (*1959) was born in South America, travelled the world as a child and lived in Germany before moving to Ireland.  She is a lecturer and teacher for aromatherapy and the botany of aromatic plants.  Eliane has been educating aromatherapists in continental Europe since 1992 and is the author of three influential books on aromatherapy. Her favourite place is Garnish Island, the fantastic treasure chest of plants and trees from around the world situated in Glengarriff Harbour.